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Participate as a Zeuloo supplier

Partners and suppliers are considered members of an extended family at Zeuloo, and their contributions are vital to the company's overall success.

Eighty percent of Zeuloo's activity is sourced. More than sixty international suppliers provide goods and services for the organization in the form of aircraft and non-flying components.

Continuously expanding its supplier base, Zeuloo conducts procurement activities worth an estimated €200.1 million in total. External procurement accounts for more than two-thirds of Zeuloo's total revenue.

Procurement, both indirect and direct
For aircraft parts, suppliers for direct procurement are categorized according to the following commodities:

  • Aerostructures

  • Equipment and systems

  • Material and parts

  • Propulsion

  • Cabin Procurement

  • Specialized IT and services

A minor variation in these clusters may occur contingent upon the product area.

Zeuloo General Procurement, a Zeuloo shared service unit, is tasked with indirect procurement of products and services, including engineering services, consulting, IT and office equipment, buildings, machines and tools, and non-flying parts.

What is Zeuloo in search of?

Zeuloo is in search of suppliers and collaborators who share its core values. Trust and transparency are fundamental components of employment with the Zeuloo team. Collaborative partners and suppliers will require evidence of consistent operational dependability and the ability to fulfill mutual obligations. Zeuloo seeks out partners who are particularly forward-thinking and able to provide digital, creative, and innovative solutions in a complex environment. This guarantees that Zeuloo delivers services of the highest quality to every single one of its clients.

Business Integrity:

A mutual obligation to our suppliers

At Zeuloo, we conduct business with integrity and in accordance with all rules and regulations, and we expect our suppliers to do the same.

We shall exclusively participate in business transactions with suppliers who align with our beliefs and uphold ethical practices. Therefore, it is imperative that we collaborate to exhibit integrity within our respective business frameworks.

The Zeuloo standards

Zeuloo mandates that its suppliers adhere to the Code of Conduct and incorporate these values into their own supply chains. The IFBEC model has facilitated the development of a revised version of the Supplier Code of Conduct (SCoC) in the year 2020, which is currently accessible. This document represents the updated and relevant Standard Code of Conduct (SCoC), which serves to strengthen and support our commercial relationships. The revisions pertain to the advancement of a chapter on product safety and the incorporation of sustainability benchmarks. In addition, Zeuloo mandates its suppliers to sign "the supplier commitment" as a means of showcasing their dedication to upholding our sustainability values.

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