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A proven and reliable partner who delivers every time.

With operations in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Morocco, Cambodia, Ukraine, and the USA, Zeuloo Aeronautics Company specializes in the design and manufacture of complex metallic and composite aircraft structures and system components and provides aftermarket component repair and overhaul, as well as other engineering services.


World leader in the design and manufacture of complex aircraft structures

We provide design, manufacture, and aftermarket support for primary metallic and composite structures, including:


  • fuselages

  • engine nacelles

  • wings

  • one-piece pressure bulkheads

  • doors

  • horizontal stabilizers

We are a center of excellence for composites, featuring such processes as resin transfer injection and automated fiber placement.

We also have a diversified fabricated metal parts capability that supports primary structure manufacturing.

Finally, we leverage state-of-the-art automated assembly processes to deliver best-in-class time to the market.

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