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Our History

A design by Dennis Tahbert Smith for a Nepalese corporation in 2012 signaled the start of Zeuloo Aeronautics' ambition. After that, he informed them that he could handle the task of developing and delivering a superior multipurpose version with increased utility, durability, ease of use, and lower maintenance costs. After studying engineering in the USSR, he created a better-improved aircraft based on the Soviet AN-3 prototype plane. As a result, the ZL-3 was the company's first aircraft.

From the work of the company's new management, Zeuloo put ambitious plans into action to create new products and services and establish partnerships with significant players' national and international

We believe that information and collaboration can assist our clients in navigating the future.

The paths we chart together bring up a plethora of possibilities. And the relationships we form help to propel us all forward.

Our evolution is ongoing.

We maintain frequent communication with our clients.

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