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Our Services

Zeuloo Aeronautics is a rapidly growing aerospace company focused on niche markets and cost-saving solutions for its customers. Zeuloo’s products are found in the most demanding applications requiring high-reliability parts and components, such as aircraft and short-range commercial airplanes. Through our Flight Support Group, we are the world's fastest-growing agricultural and mini cargo airplane producer and replacement parts; a significant provider of aircraft accessories component repair and overhaul services for avionic, electromechanical, flight surface, hydraulic, and pneumatic applications; a leader in niche aircraft parts distribution; and a manufacturer of other critical aircraft parts.

Our Electronic Technologies Group designs and manufactures short-range, mini-cargo, and agricultural airplanes used worldwide.

Zeuloo’s customers include most of the world’s agricultural firms, all over the world.

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Aircraft Design And Manufacture

We have a bespoke request to meet your agricultural and recreational demands. As part of our commitment to socially responsible engineering, we provide this service for all clients who require it. We have a sophisticated team that takes the environment into consideration and considers reducing carbon emissions. We are trying our best to leave a positive impact on our environment while giving our clients the optimal and best service. An airplane they will be proud of that is durable, easily maintained, and efficient.

Simulation Services

In a world of budget cuts and a wide variety of battlespace environments, you need to find innovative ways to ensure your teams are ready for the mission ahead. Zeuloo Aeronautics integrated simulation solutions help you enhance mission effectiveness, whatever the scenario. Leveraging our strengths in avionics systems development and training systems design, we deliver integrated solutions that span the entire training continuum, from instructional systems design to fully integrated, high-fidelity simulators.

Blending the real world with the virtual world, we'll provide the simulation and training solutions you need to prepare for what's ahead.

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Avionics Engineering

Providing avionics engineering is vital to maintaining safety on most projects we undertake at Zeuloo. Whether a project is in the electrical or environmental sector, Avionics Engineering is important in order to ensure that all engineering projects completed by our Aerospace Engineering Company are safe, stable, and built to last.

Power supply  circuit board ,compass indicator  and electronics circuit of indicator ,indi

We have a full-fledged facility for Aeronautical training. 

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